"Miss Lucy's Garden"
A floral wreath surround a basket of posies.

"Nature's Gifts"
A cornucopia overflows with roses, frangipani, and grapes.  A little hummingbird's nest is among its beauty.

 "Floral Elegance"
A still-life bouquet with a dramatic sunflower

"Spring Peeper Amidst the Roses"
A spring peeper visits the garden and takes 
a rest among the clematis and roses.

 “Hummingbird in My Garden”

A little hummingbird comes to visit a lifelike 
bouquet of roses, hydrangeas, clematis and fuchsias.

Your pattern purchase includes:
  • Full-size numbered pattern
  • Color photo
  • Copy-ready template pages
  • General instructions
  • Supply list
  • Embroidery stitch key                          $14.00                                             

Template pages already printed on freezer paper with 10 blank sheets of freezer paper also available                                             $7.00                                               

Please note:  the instructions provided in your pattern assume a working knowledge of appliqué but I'm always available if you need help.

How to Order
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