Thursday, May 15, 2014

The wait is over!

Many of you have been curious about the class offerings for The Kathy Dunigan Academy of Appliqué.  Well, you'll be happy to know that the wait is over!  You can now go to the web site and see the lineup of teachers and photos of the class projects by clicking on the link above.  The web site is still under construction and registration hasn't yet begun, but you can take a look and begin to make plans.

I'm very excited to be teaching two classes.  Here are the class descriptions and photos.

"Tulips Galore!"

One-day class on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Tulip Mania has struck in this “beyond Baltimore” style wreath of tulips surrounding a rose and thistle bouquet.  In this one-day class, we will just have time to begin the block but you will return home with an understanding of its most difficult elements and an overview for completing the block.  Evelyn will introduce you to no fail techniques for prepared edge appliqué, her method of unit construction, as well as the preparation and embroidery for the thistles.  We will begin our class with the construction of selected tulip leaves and then prepare and construct at least one tulip and the multi-petal silk rose.  In the afternoon session, we will make and embroider one of the thistles.  You’ll go home with a hankering to make tulips galore!

"Bee Happy!"

Main Conference class 
Thursday, February 5th through February 7th, 2015

The bees are happily buzzing in Evelyn’s garden of morning glories and camellias, and you will be too if you join her for this main conference class.  Our goals for the class will be to prepare and stitch one quadrant of the morning glory wreath, prepare and stitch the beehive, and begin the embellishment of the beehive.  Evelyn will introduce you to no fail methods for prepared edge appliqué that will make the multi-petal, layered flowers a joy to stitch.  We will also explore the following: unit construction for the morning glories, camellias, and beehive; adding embroidered details; embellishment techniques; padding appliqué for dimension; using silk for appliqué.  We will cover/review some of the basics: accurate placement, fussy cutting, and color selection.  You will go home with your block well underway and the confidence to complete it at your leisure. 

Both classes are suitable for confident beginners to advanced students.  The Kathy Dunigan Academy of Appliqué is sure to be an amazing experience!

From one of my favorite books:
“...The world was really one bee yard, and the same rules work fine in both places. Don't be afraid, as no life-loving bee wants to sting you. Still, don't be an idiot; wear long sleeves and pants. Don't swat. Don't even think about swatting. If you feel angry, whistle. Anger agitates while whistling melts a bee's temper. Act like you know what you're doing, even if you don't. Above all, send the bees love. Every little thing wants to be loved.” 
 From The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd