Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Student's Happy Dance!

Karen Brandt has completed her stunning version of "Floral Elegance," a main conference class at The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy 2012.

Karen made this pattern her own with her choice of beautiful brights and expert "fussy cutting" to emphasize textures in the fabrics.  Notice how her vase looks like glass.  She chose a batik with a linear pattern for the back petal of her calla lilies to create depth.  Her butterfly is amazing -- see how she chose a fabric that suggests the "eyes" on the wings.  I could just go on and on -- it is lovely!

Karen has bordered this block and it will be a gorgeous wall hanging.  As an appliqué teacher, there is nothing better than to have a student complete her project from a class.  As a lover of appliqué, Karen's work is downright inspiring! 

BRAVO, Karen!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Appliqué Academy -- What a marvelous time!

Appliqué Academy was especially wonderful this year because it was my first year as a full-time teacher.  I had the privilege of teaching two classes: a two day add a day and a main conference class.  Here's a picture of the two day project, "Spring Peeper Amidst the Roses."

Here are my fabulous students from that class.  Because we only had two days, we focused on one section of the wreath and many of them constructed their spring peepers off the block.  They were a very hard working group of women.  We had two sets of sisters in this class!

Here's a photo of the main conference class, "Floral Elegance," which began on Thursday afternoon and concluded mid-day on Sunday.  

We stitched, we laughed, we shared stories and we laughed some more.  Here we are laughing at someone's joke.

A more formal pose.  As you can see, we worked while we were having fun.  I was very fortunate to have such a fine group of students.  I also had THE  class helper extraordinaire, Barbara Carper, a volunteer from the local quilt guild.  Everyone was very kind and supportive of each other.  It was a truly special time.  

Thanks, Ladies, you were the best!