About Me

Evelyn and the amazing Stella.

Evelyn Crovo-Hall is a native Miamian who still lives in that crazy, caffeine buzzed, beautiful city.  She does take a break from it all for part of the year in her second home, Boone, North Carolina, a sweet college town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Evelyn is a life-long teacher who began playing school at age five with her imaginary students.  She graduated to being a real high school teacher and supervisor of beginning teachers in Miami for 25 years.

Evelyn learned to sew at an early age under the instruction of her mother, Bernice, who was an expert seamstress.  A great weekend during those years was a Saturday trip to the fabric store to purchase a pattern and fabric for a new outfit, sewing it up on Sunday, and wearing it on Monday.  Evelyn’s interest in quilting also began under the influence of her mother when they made their first pieced quilt together in 1987, just before Bernice died.  

Evelyn took her first class from Elly in 2003 and quickly made plans to attend Academy for the first time.  She hasn’t missed an Academy since and treasures every moment and especially the friends she has made through the years.
In 2011, her two passions, quilting and teaching, were joined when she was asked to be a guest artist at TESAA.  Evelyn has been very grateful for the past three years to be included as a full-time member of the faculty.  Evelyn’s goal is to motivate students to “go for it” in an encouraging and fun atmosphere.  

Evelyn has been married for 23 years to her much loved writer in residence and biggest fan, James W. Hall.  They are the “parents” of the three sweetest dogs in the universe:  Carrie, Stella, and Maggie.  They also dote upon their niece, Emerson, the daughter of Evelyn’s sister, Laura.  Evelyn is a member of “Sew Inviting,” a group of stitching sisters who share life’s joys and challenges accompanied by sewing and lots of food.