Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who is the Stella in StellaBella?

You may have wondered why my blog is called Stella Bella Appliqué when my name is Evelyn.  Even if that profound question hasn’t crossed your mind, you’ll want to meet the real Stella.  And here she is:

My husband and I have three dogs:  Carrie, Stella, and Maggie.  All Cavalier King Charles spaniels, but each with her very distinct personality.  Carrie is the poet; Stella is the boss; Maggie is the wild child.  We love them all but Stella makes us laugh the most.  When we picked Stella up from the breeder, we were warned, “Keep an eye on this one.  She’s a pistol.”  And so she is.

Around our house, Stella is also known as “Little Buddha” because she lives in the moment.  Some of her moments have a lot to do with what she needs at the moment:  ice from the freezer; her dinner, on time, please; a wet washrag on the side of the tub (she never learned to drink water from a dish like a normal dog); her bedtime cookie.  The rest of the time, she sleeps.  And don’t even think about making her get out of bed before you’ve rubbed her belly for at least ten minutes.  She watches television and barks at anything remotely resembling a creature.  Animal Planet is just not possible.  She loves people and other dogs and especially children.  Stella stole my heart when I was grieving for another special dog, Sophie, our Great Dane.

I don’t play favorites, exactly.  But, if they were children, Carrie and Maggie would probably say, in a unified chorus, “Stella, you were always Mom’s favorite!”

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