Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy as a bee!

Blogging took a back seat to stitching for most of the summer.  It was slow going at times, and there were a few distractions along the way, but I'm happy to show you my beehive block, completed just this morning.

There were a few anxious moments wondering if it would all come together.  Sometimes one's vision just doesn't become a reality.  In the case of this block, I was pleasantly surprised. 

I meant to take photos at each step of this block's construction but, once in stitching mode, the best laid plans...
Here is a first photo, taken on July 19 when I was at the very beginning with stems and leaves.
Then came some flowers about a week or so later.

This is the block with the appliqué complete on August 21st.  I worked on some small projects during that month but the beehive was mostly front and center.  It's interesting to compare a block before and after embellishments are added so here they are next to each other.

I have to say the tendrils and sprigs were starting to make me a little crazy, but I persevered.  

When I finish a block, I'm always thankful for the generous encouragement of fellow appliqué devotees:  Elly Sienkiewicz who introduced me to this Baltimore journey;  Cynthia Williford who instilled a love of embellishment;  Jeanne Sullivan who taught me prepared edge appliqué;  and Patsy Lastra, my sister friend, who gives me her honest opinion always and helps me get unstuck.  These are just a few of the women I've been so fortunate to meet because of appliqué.

Well, back to the sewing room!  I need to figure out what's next!  Happy stitching to you!  

From my garden, a David Austin rose called Carding Mill


  1. Absolutely lovely!!! Love the morning glories (just like the ones blooming in my garden right now) and the beehive. What is the symbolism behind the beehive???

    1. Thanks so much! My morning glories are blooming now too -- they're everywhere! I believe the beehive represents industriousness. But Album blocks have personal symbolism as well so, for me, the beehive is about my love of nature.

  2. Gorgeous Block Evelyn.....Teresa xx

    1. Thanks, Teresa! So nice to see your smiling face!