Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Red Baskets

Several months ago, I began working on some little red basket blocks inspired by Japanese design and fabrics.  Now that I'm home from Appliqué Academy, I've had time to get back to them. There's this gorgeous large leafy print with Queen Anne's Lace flowers that I've been saving for a dramatic border and it is the inspiration for the colors in these little blocks.  More on that later when I have the rest of the blocks embellished.  In the meantime, here are the baskets I've finished with embroidered flower embellishments.

All nine blocks are appliquéd.  They were very fast -- gotta love that!  The blocks will finish at six inches and there will be a total of nine blocks in the little quilt top.  I'm planning to bite the bullet and actually hand quilt this little piece myself.  Wish me luck!

In quilting news, be sure to check out Tresa Jones' new blog:

It's full of inspiration and reflects Tresa's positive, giving nature. 

And here's something to make you laugh:  Stella seems to think she's top dog.  Probably because she is!

Here in Florida, it feels like Spring is just around the corner.  As we head into that magical time of transitioning from one season to the next, I wish you gorgeous days with time spent stitching something you love!

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