Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Happy Dance!

Barbara Carper was my incredibly wonderful classroom helper this past year at The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy.  Turns out, she’s an accomplished appliquér too!  Barbara has completed three stunningly beautiful blocks in the past few months.  The first one pictured below is from a two day add-a-day class:

Barbara had this one almost finished before Appliqué Academy concluded.  She accomplished so much AND took care of everyone in the classroom.  Gorgeous color choices!!

Next, Barbara completed a block from my pattern, "Autumn's Promise," but, she is very fond of squirrels and designed her own center for the block.  She inked a gray fabric and did turkey work on this little guy's tail to give him a furry, fuzzy, cuddly look.  Brilliant!  His little eye and ears make him very lifelike. I think she needs to do some more designing!  

But Barbara wasn't finished.  She told me she had completed the little bluebird that was an alternate to the tree frog center above (some people just don't like frogs).  So I sent her a pattern for a sunflower wreath that I haven't even stitched yet.

Lovely!  Barbara's colors are beautiful and happy and her workmanship is impeccable. These blocks are going to be part of an exquisite quilt soon.  Barbara is just an amazing person and being friends with her is on my "Best Things about Appliqué Academy" list.

Way to go, Barbara!!


  1. Exciting work.
    My favorite is the squirrel. Could you explain the technique used on the tail?
    I must get back to applique. (I broke my shoulder and injured my spine, and I have used that as an excuse much too long!)

  2. Margaret, the tail is done with a stitch referred to as turkey work or turkey knot. I imagine that you can find a good explanation of how to do it on-line somewhere. If not, I know that Janice Vaine has a lesson ion it in her book on embroidery. Jan is also a teacher at the ESAA, and her book is just beautiful. Hope your injuries are healing!

  3. Margaret, Here's a link to a how-to video on turkey work. You can make the stitches more dense for a very fuzzy look or spread them out a bit more as Barbara did in her squirrel's tail. A return to appliqué could be the best therapy. Good luck!

  4. Oops -- forgot the link: